About Staci

You’ve found the “about Staci” section. I’ll admit, it’s an awkward little place. I’m never sure how to best sum myself up! I could go through and list some of my favorite things (like reading, shopping, coffee and wine….) but instead, I’ll keep the words about me short and let you learn more through my family photos. You can click on any of the above pictures to find some of my past “personal” blog posts. You’ll get a pretty good summary of this crazy fun life with my wonderful husband and adorable four kiddos.


What I will tell you a little about here is my passion for photography and the path that led me here. I found my way to photography the same way I found my way to my past careers. I absolutely love working with children and their families. As a middle school teacher and cheerleading coach, I found myself wanting to do more.. to make a bigger difference. That desire led me to working with hospitalized children as a Certified Child Life Specialist.  Among my many other roles and responsibilities, I often helped families document their stories through photographs and scrapbooking. I bought my first DSLR during that time and began to learn more about the technical aspects of achieving the look and feel that I wanted.


I absolutely adored my job and only stopped working when I had children of my own. Now, more than 10 years later, I’ve turned several passions into my dream job. I get to know my clients personally- I work with you before we even meet to plan your perfect session together. We’ll usually start with a location, which we’ll determine based on the needs of your family. If you want help planning your family’s wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place because I love to shop! I don’t want your images to look like they could be anyone else’s. I want them to be YOURS- to tell YOUR story. I’m open to any ideas you have to do just that!


I promise that I’ll  do everything in my power to make it FUN for everyone! I know not every 3 year old is a willing subject. Let’s face it, not every 35 year old husband is a willing subject. :) I’ll do what I can to take it easy on all of you. You can pack a picnic and I’ll tag along. We can schedule a session at your favorite park or ice cream place. Does your family play a lot of baseball? Let’s head to the ball park! I want to document you doing what you love to do! I’ll stop you and ask you to sit here or stand there every now and then, but my main goal will be to capture your real life and your family as you interact together. If this all sounds like a good fit for you, Please contact me so we can plan your next photo session!