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  • the newborn with the amazing hair | southern california beach cities newborn photographer

  • Ahhh!! Just look at this sweet little thing! And all of his amazing hair 🙂 The minute I saw Beverly’s pictures of him in the hospital, I knew that it was going to be a great newborn session. He is just perfect!! And I was right. Not only is he ridiculously adorable, he was alert and happy during family photos and then slept like a dream as I posed him and put all of these adorable little hats Beverly had purchased just for this!

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  • so many gorgeous families! | family photography redondo beach

  • The holiday season is a busy one for all of us, but especially family photographers! I love the sessions every weekend and even sneaking some in during the week. So many beautiful families all dolled up in beautiful clothes. So many smiles and laughs. I love seeing my images on their photo cards when clients send me a holiday card! But, what I don’t love is that I never seem to find the time to share those images here. I’ve decided to do a few blog posts well after the fact to show those sessions some blog love!

    Here are a few of my favorites from my mini sessions back in October!

    family of five twins laughing pinching baby cheeks what to wear family photos palos verdes california photographer

    3 kids holding JOY letters gold navy blue maroon clothing for family photos redondo beach family kids photographer

    fun family photo two boys piggy backs palos verdes southern california photographer

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  • my crew | redondo beach children's photographer

  • I am beyond thrilled to have these images of my little people. I absolutely can not wait to get them printed big and up on my walls so I can stare at them all day! I love color and it’s so hard for me to convert an image to black and white- I hate to lose that color! I’m so thankful to a photographer friend who inspired me to take these though and to do them in black and white. Without the color, the focus is truly on their sweet little faces…the background fades to nothing. No distractions. Just those open, thoughtful and trusting eyes I stare into when cuddling in bed at night. The sweet little lips and cheeks I cover in kisses. The smiles that make my heart happy. I’m kind of bursting with love right now. (I won’t be printing the text for the wall images- just wanted to document some of their personality here for the blog and my future family albums!)

    7 year old boy blond spikey hair black and white photo portrait staci zohlen photography redondo beach

    black and white portrait blonde girl with bob haircut pretty smile southern california beach cities children and family photographer staci zohlen

    black and white little boy blonde curly hair big eyes serious look redondo beach southern california child photographer

    staci zohlen photography southern california baby photographer black and white baby with tooth teeth big eyes text with likes

  • capturing the love | Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer

  • Being in a house with 4 kids just felt like being at home. A little chaos and a lot of fun. And that’s mostly how I approached this newborn session. Of course, I took a good number of typical curled up baby on the blanket shots. I love the first one here with her sweet, soft cheeks on display. But you’ve seen that before. . . My favorite images from this session are the ones that show the love. The love her brothers have for each other and now for Penelope. The love between mom and dad and of course mom and baby/dad and baby too. I loved capturing her in her crib- she’s so tiny in it now and before long, her little body will fill it up. I look at the pictures of Penelope with mom in her beautiful nursery and think of all the hours that will be logged in this room- in this rocking chair. I’m honored to have captured these small pieces of life with a newborn because we all know it goes by so quickly!

  • A (baby) boy and his dog | Redondo Beach Newborn Photographer

  • This was such a fun newborn session! Mom had so many ideas she wanted to try and the little guy made it easy for us to do them all. We started off with a cute little tie, swaddled him up and put him in a wooden bowl. So cute!

    Before there was baby, there was dog 🙂 And I was so glad that they both cooperated for a few beautiful shots. I can picture years of boy/dog friendship to come and I hope they will cherish these images of their first moments.

    Thinking ahead to Christmas cards, mom asked for a santa hat. Neither of us could find one, so we settled for Christmas lights and a red hat. I absolutely love how it turned out. Something magical about those lights twinkling in the background.

    And lastly, one of my all time favorites. This session was done in September, right around the time school was starting back up. I had just taken my own kids’ “first day of TK/1st grade” pictures” and was inspired to recreate a First Day shot for Gavin.