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  • amazing vintage science nursery | Redondo Beach Newborn Photographer

  • I love every single thing about it!! Every detail is just perfect and shows the time and care that went into it. I loved listening to Jennifer tell me about how each piece was found. It started with the amazing periodic table wall art and a cradle handmade by Brian’s dad. Once the vintage science theme was settled on, Jennifer and Brian searched flea markets, Etsy and ebay for all of the final touches. The changing table is actually a bar they found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and an antique chest holds wipes and diaper creams. If you look closely, you’ll see a sweet drawing/note from baby Wilson’s two and half year old big sister Harper. The whole room is just absolutely beautiful! I’ll be sharing more pictures of Wilson and family soon, but I had promised a sneak peek of the nursery on Facebook and then got carried away when trying to choose just one or two to share!

  • Picture Perfect | California South Bay Family Photographer

  • I adore photographing this family! Their newborn pictures are still some of my favorite images. Rebecca always does such a beautiful job coordinating their outfits. Perfect examples of “what to do” when making your wardrobe choices! And then, it doesn’t hurt that the whole family is gorgeous 🙂 The twins were a little shy at first, and we did experience a few (adorable) tears, but I absolutely love the interactive, natural images we ended up with!

  • No Stress | Manhattan Beach Family Photographer

  • I love, love, love sessions like this. Nothing stiff and formal- just a beautiful family having a great time. We all know that getting family pictures taken can be stressful- so much preparation goes into the location, the perfect wardrobe choices, getting everyone camera ready and on time. But, once this family showed up, there was no stress. I’ve been working with them for over 3 years now, and their comfort level is one of the things that makes their pictures so beautiful. Nothing fake- just THEM, their true personalities coming through. The princess twirling in the water, the sheepish grin, the loving hugs and of course, the playful splashing in the water. So honored to be there to capture it all for them!

  • Beach Simplicity Session | Palos Verdes Family Photographer

  • A photographers dream!! A gorgeous evening to be at the beach and a gorgeous and fun family to photograph there. Little Annabelle was one of the sweetest four year olds I’ve ever met. She had so much fun twirling and twirling for me. Her parents adore her and each other- all around, couldn’t ask for much more from a session!

  • Mommy & Me Mini Sessions | Redondo Beach Southern California Family and Child Photographer

  • SO excited to announce these mini sessions! Moms and their babies (whether those babies are newborns or 18 years old) have a special bond. And that bond deserves to be documented! I am really looking forward to capturing some special moments and really encourage clients to get creative with these.

    What types of things do you and your children love to do together? What are some of the everyday things you want to remember forever? I can come to your home, we can meet at the park or the local ice cream shop/candy store! Think outside the box and let’s have fun with this!

    Session fee due at time of booking to reserve mini session pricing. Location and date to be determined between client and photographer. Must be completed by May 30th.

  • In his element | Southern California Lifestyle Photographer

  • I’ve slacked on doing formal “sessions” with my kids on a regular basis, but earlier this month, this session became top priority. I took the older two to the dentist for a routine cleaning and check up. It turned out Aidric had an abscess on his gum, indicating an infection in the root of his front tooth. He had to have it excavated…and right away. I was shocked! Other kids his age have been losing teeth, but I just kind of figured he had a few years to go. (And he would have…the dentist confirmed his adult teeth are probably 2 years away from growing in and pushing out baby teeth)

    We scheduled the extraction for the next day and I took him out that night to capture his sweet little smile and mouth full of baby teeth for the last time. We took a quick walk to the trail by our house and made it more of a lifestyle session. Aidric doing some of the things he loves most. I took a few traditional “portraits” but these are by far my favorites!

    The extraction went well, and he’s actually thrilled to be missing a tooth. The tooth fairy left him a $2 bill, or as he calls it, “a two buck dollar” 🙂 He looks absolutely adorable with the little gap in his smile, but I’m so glad we have these shots!