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  • I am beyond thrilled to have these images of my little people. I absolutely can not wait to get them printed big and up on my walls so I can stare at them all day! I love color and it’s so hard for me to convert an image to black and white- I hate to lose that color! I’m so thankful to a photographer friend who inspired me to take these though and to do them in black and white. Without the color, the focus is truly on their sweet little faces…the background fades to nothing. No distractions. Just those open, thoughtful and trusting eyes I stare into when cuddling in bed at night. The sweet little lips and cheeks I cover in kisses. The smiles that make my heart happy. I’m kind of bursting with love right now. (I won’t be printing the text for the wall images- just wanted to document some of their personality here for the blog and my future family albums!)

    7 year old boy blond spikey hair black and white photo portrait staci zohlen photography redondo beach

    black and white portrait blonde girl with bob haircut pretty smile southern california beach cities children and family photographer staci zohlen

    black and white little boy blonde curly hair big eyes serious look redondo beach southern california child photographer

    staci zohlen photography southern california baby photographer black and white baby with tooth teeth big eyes text with likes

  • Blurb Sale!!

  • Blurb books are 15% through October October 27th! Just click on this link and use the code AUTUMN15

    15% off Blurb books until Oct.27 with code: AUTUMN15

    What usually happens to me with sales is that I buy something I want and the sale is announced the next day. This sale, however, is PERFECT timing for me! I just finished putting together a 7×7 hardcover book for my “52 weeks With My Kids” project…from 2012. So, I’m very excited to save some money on this one!

    I’m always behind on making the books, but always soooo happy to get them once I’ve made the effort and taken the time to put them together. My kids love the books too. They are constantly taking them down and pouring over each and every picture “remembering” and reminiscing on all the fun events from their pasts. I took these quick snapshots the other day when Aidric and Cormac were looking back at the 2011 52 weeks project book. Now, if only I could motivate to finish our BIG 2012 book….

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  • Ahhh, I had so much fun with this child last night! I admit, there are times when I beg and plead my children to let me take their pictures. And yes, I’ve bribed them with treats and even cold hard cash. But, last night, she was a more than willing participant! She picked out her own outfit, which funny enough is the dress I wanted her to wear for school pictures, and which she declined at that time. We drove around looking for a fun place to stop and ended up on the side of road in Palos Verdes. After just 20 minutes or so of dancing and being sassy (she honestly posed herself for 75% of these- she was cracking me up with her arm crossing and hip popping), we headed over to I-Berries Frozen Yogurt for part 2. Haven’t edited those yet, but they are just as much fun.

  • First Day of School Photos! | Redondo Beach Children's Photographer

  • It’s that time of year! On Friday, my two “big kids” started the 2013-2014 school year! Of course, first day of school means getting back into the routine of packing lunches and snacks, making sure they have their backpacks filled with all of the back to school paperwork, emergency kits, etc., getting everyone a nutritious and filling breakfast, and in Juliet’s case, 20 minutes spent curling her hair for the big day. With all of that on the agenda, it would be so much easier to skip the first day photos, but I hope it never comes to that. I can’t wait to have a whole series of these shots, showing how they grew and changed from year to year. I have made it easy on myself by using this chalkboard. It normally hangs in our bathroom, so I just have to grab it, write the date/grades and ask them to fill in the “what I want to do be” part. For all of the moms at school who accused me of going all “pinteresty” on them, I promise you- it only took 5 minutes!!

    I had a newborn session last week, and With back to school spirit in the air, it only seemed right to set Gavin up with his very first “First Day of Kindergarten” photograph. I seriously wish I had thought of this sooner and had one for my own kids. What an adorable way to start the “back to school” series of pictures!

    Happy 2013-2014 school year everyone!! I know it’s going to be a great one!

  • In his element | Southern California Lifestyle Photographer

  • I’ve slacked on doing formal “sessions” with my kids on a regular basis, but earlier this month, this session became top priority. I took the older two to the dentist for a routine cleaning and check up. It turned out Aidric had an abscess on his gum, indicating an infection in the root of his front tooth. He had to have it excavated…and right away. I was shocked! Other kids his age have been losing teeth, but I just kind of figured he had a few years to go. (And he would have…the dentist confirmed his adult teeth are probably 2 years away from growing in and pushing out baby teeth)

    We scheduled the extraction for the next day and I took him out that night to capture his sweet little smile and mouth full of baby teeth for the last time. We took a quick walk to the trail by our house and made it more of a lifestyle session. Aidric doing some of the things he loves most. I took a few traditional “portraits” but these are by far my favorites!

    The extraction went well, and he’s actually thrilled to be missing a tooth. The tooth fairy left him a $2 bill, or as he calls it, “a two buck dollar” 🙂 He looks absolutely adorable with the little gap in his smile, but I’m so glad we have these shots!

  • Afternoon with my girl | Redondo Beach Children's Photographer

  • I’ve never been very good at taking my kids out for real “sessions”. Of course, they are photographed ALL the time, but it’s quick and rushed and in the moment. After seeing my friend Mollie’s latest session with one of her girls, I knew I needed to get out and do one too! I asked Juliet to choose her favorite toys to bring with and she chose her outfit and hairstyle too. She loooved when I told her she looked as fancy as Fancy Nancy and enjoyed being silly when I wanted to capture some of her most famous expressions. We had a great time and I hope I can be better about doing this in the future!

  • My models | Southern California Children's Photographer

  • I was recently given a GREAT opportunity to get some adorable new clothes for my kiddos in exchange for photographing them in the clothes. Such a win-win for me because I love the clothes, love getting to try out new concepts/ideas in photography and LOVE the resulting photos of my kids! Hmm, I guess that’s a win-win-win 🙂

    Here are some of the images you’ll see on Macy May Designs website, but go check out the store for more great custom-made apparel. My personal favorite is the hoodie- it’s so soft and warm and Aidric LOVES the “5” on front and his pirate initial on back!

    I thought it would be fun to get a few shots with Aidric’s handsome BFF so I had a shirt made for him too. LOVE how cute they are together!