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  • the newborn with the amazing hair | southern california beach cities newborn photographer

  • Ahhh!! Just look at this sweet little thing! And all of his amazing hair 🙂 The minute I saw Beverly’s pictures of him in the hospital, I knew that it was going to be a great newborn session. He is just perfect!! And I was right. Not only is he ridiculously adorable, he was alert and happy during family photos and then slept like a dream as I posed him and put all of these adorable little hats Beverly had purchased just for this!

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  • Family of Five | Redondo Beach Newborn Photographer

  • I am so lucky to have such great clients and especially the ones who return year after year. This is a family I have had the joy of photographing on at least 5 different occasions now! If you peruse the blog and the galleries here on my website, you are sure to see them over and over! I found it especially considerate of them to coordinate their wardrobe with my new website colors, haha!

    That’s not to say that newborn/toddler twins always make it easy on me. I’m going to estimate at least 30 attempts were made to get this first photo to happen, but there is something very satisfying when you work that hard for something and then get it!
    twins with baby newborn on bed staci zohlen photography beach cities newborn and family child photographer

    This one kind of makes you wish you had a newborn to snuggle right now, doesn’t it??
    warm black and white photo of mother snuggling swaddled newborn redondo beach newborn photographer staci zohlen

    I LOVED his personalized blanket and hat!!
    newborn black and white personalized blanket and hat

    Some of my favorite newborn shots are the ones that just happen. No way you could “pose” a baby like this…he did it on his own and then held it for the longest time while I tried a few different angles/settings.
    close up of newborn holding his foot staci zohlen photography southern california newborn  lifestyle photographer

    I love the joy and “realness” of this photo. Welcome to life with 3 kids, mom and dad 🙂 They’ll keep you on your toys and hopefully also keep you smiling!
    family on bed newborn plus toddler twins redondo beach newborn photographer

    V family- thanks again!! It was fun as always!!

  • amazing vintage science nursery | Redondo Beach Newborn Photographer

  • I love every single thing about it!! Every detail is just perfect and shows the time and care that went into it. I loved listening to Jennifer tell me about how each piece was found. It started with the amazing periodic table wall art and a cradle handmade by Brian’s dad. Once the vintage science theme was settled on, Jennifer and Brian searched flea markets, Etsy and ebay for all of the final touches. The changing table is actually a bar they found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and an antique chest holds wipes and diaper creams. If you look closely, you’ll see a sweet drawing/note from baby Wilson’s two and half year old big sister Harper. The whole room is just absolutely beautiful! I’ll be sharing more pictures of Wilson and family soon, but I had promised a sneak peek of the nursery on Facebook and then got carried away when trying to choose just one or two to share!

  • capturing the love | Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer

  • Being in a house with 4 kids just felt like being at home. A little chaos and a lot of fun. And that’s mostly how I approached this newborn session. Of course, I took a good number of typical curled up baby on the blanket shots. I love the first one here with her sweet, soft cheeks on display. But you’ve seen that before. . . My favorite images from this session are the ones that show the love. The love her brothers have for each other and now for Penelope. The love between mom and dad and of course mom and baby/dad and baby too. I loved capturing her in her crib- she’s so tiny in it now and before long, her little body will fill it up. I look at the pictures of Penelope with mom in her beautiful nursery and think of all the hours that will be logged in this room- in this rocking chair. I’m honored to have captured these small pieces of life with a newborn because we all know it goes by so quickly!

  • A (baby) boy and his dog | Redondo Beach Newborn Photographer

  • This was such a fun newborn session! Mom had so many ideas she wanted to try and the little guy made it easy for us to do them all. We started off with a cute little tie, swaddled him up and put him in a wooden bowl. So cute!

    Before there was baby, there was dog 🙂 And I was so glad that they both cooperated for a few beautiful shots. I can picture years of boy/dog friendship to come and I hope they will cherish these images of their first moments.

    Thinking ahead to Christmas cards, mom asked for a santa hat. Neither of us could find one, so we settled for Christmas lights and a red hat. I absolutely love how it turned out. Something magical about those lights twinkling in the background.

    And lastly, one of my all time favorites. This session was done in September, right around the time school was starting back up. I had just taken my own kids’ “first day of TK/1st grade” pictures” and was inspired to recreate a First Day shot for Gavin.

  • Baby on the Beach! | Redondo Beach South Bay Newborn Photographer

  • I’ve always wanted to do a newborn shoot at the beach. I’ve had visions of a straw basket, a swaddle, the blue sky and golden sand….

    But, how do you bring that up with a client? “Hi, yes, thank you for trusting me with your brand new baby…mind if we head to the beach??” So, I’ve never been brave enough to bring up the topic and make it happen. When Stephanie called me to discuss a newborn session, she was hesitant for a minute. I asked what she had in mind. She said her husband was wondering….would it be possible…if it’s not too much trouble…could we do some shots at the beach??

    YES!!! I was so excited!! I immediately told her it was not a trouble and I would LOVE to do that! And that’s how I came upon my first (and hopefully not last) newborn session at the beach!

  • What a gorgeous baby!! And this girl already knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. Likes include being warm, being snuggled and being fed. Dislikes include her head propped up, being “messed with” while she is sleeping and cool breezes. According to her mom and dad, she lets them know what she likes/doesn’t all night long. As long as they follow her rules, it’s all good :).

    My likes, at this session, include the gorgeous colored pillows on the couch in their living room. After I wrapped Maya up in a purple swaddle, I knew I had to photograph her right there on the couch with these pillows in the background.

    Also loved that we used some really fun hats/headbands with her!

    Definitely love those lips!

  • Sweet Sadie | Hermosa Beach Newborn Photographer

  • I have been looking forward to this newborn session since mom booked it back in June! She was always so sweet and positive in her emails, I could just tell how excited she was to meet her baby girl! She had purchased a few hats and her sister bought the sweet headband and tutu. There was some speculating that she’d arrive early, but instead she made her parents wait for her! It was a hard pregnancy and a somewhat traumatic birth, but it’s easy to see she was worth it all and is so loved!