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  • A very special maternity session | Palos Verdes Maternity Session on the beach

  • Beverly is a friend, and I loved seeing her soak up every minute of her 3rd pregnancy. She had a 7 year break between #2 and #3 and with that comes a whole new appreciation of the wonder and excitement of it all! She didn’t do a maternity session with her first two boys, but she knew immediately that she would this time around, and I’m so glad she did. And SO glad that she chose me to do it for her!

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  • glowing | Palos Verdes Southern California Maternity Photographer

  • I have been pregnant four times, and I don’t think I could have ever been described as glowing, but it’s the best description for Rebecca in these images. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a simple white dress and the light was just beautiful that night. We hiked along the trail and had so much fun, we actually lost track of time. Oops! Even after I realized how late it was and had texted my husband a very sincere apology for being late, I couldn’t resist stopping at least 3 more times on our way back to the car :). It was just all too perfect to resist!! Each stop was worth it b/c I love each one of her images. So much, that I’m actually sharing all of them here instead of just a sneak peek! (A simplicity session includes 10 images, but I shared one in an earlier post, so there rare 9 here.)

  • beautiful bump | Redondo Beach Maternity Photographer

  • I’ve only been home from this session for an hour but I absolutely couldn’t wait to upload the images and get to work on them. I love it when the stars align for a perfect session. Rebecca is pregnant with #3 and absolutely radiantly beautiful. We worked together to style her for this session with a romantic, bohemian feel. It can be hard to feel beautiful when you are 8 1/2 months pregnant, but I hope that she knows how beautiful she looked tonight!

    Only one for now…but more to come for sure!

  • Can you pick a favorite? | Palos Verdes Family Photographer

  • Because I can’t! I loved loved loved working with this amazing, beautiful family. And I loved their images just as much. Three girls who were so excited to put their gorgeous dresses on and get their pictures taken. They had so many ideas of their own for where we should go and how they wanted to “pose”. They were playful with each other and protective and loving. And I haven’t even mentioned their amazing parents yet! Jennifer and I bonded immediately while I helped her shop for the girls’ dresses on-line. I had a hard time not buying my own daughter everything we were picking out for her girls! Fellow Zulily addicts, I was so excited when she sent me the link to show me what she ended up! A Simplicity Session quickly turned into an almost full session…I could have spent all day with them!

    And last, how cute is this? All Jennifer’s idea, so I can’t take any credit!

  • Beach Simplicity Session | Palos Verdes Family Photographer

  • A photographers dream!! A gorgeous evening to be at the beach and a gorgeous and fun family to photograph there. Little Annabelle was one of the sweetest four year olds I’ve ever met. She had so much fun twirling and twirling for me. Her parents adore her and each other- all around, couldn’t ask for much more from a session!

  • My Girl | Fun Children's Photography

  • Ahhh, I had so much fun with this child last night! I admit, there are times when I beg and plead my children to let me take their pictures. And yes, I’ve bribed them with treats and even cold hard cash. But, last night, she was a more than willing participant! She picked out her own outfit, which funny enough is the dress I wanted her to wear for school pictures, and which she declined at that time. We drove around looking for a fun place to stop and ended up on the side of road in Palos Verdes. After just 20 minutes or so of dancing and being sassy (she honestly posed herself for 75% of these- she was cracking me up with her arm crossing and hip popping), we headed over to I-Berries Frozen Yogurt for part 2. Haven’t edited those yet, but they are just as much fun.

  • Vacation Beach Photo Session | Manhattan Beach Children and Family Photographer

  • I knew from the moment Jennifer and I spoke on the phone that this would be a fun session. She mentioned that they have plenty of more serious type pictures, everyone looking cute and smiling at the camera. She wanted this to be more active and creative…it was also a session to document their vacation here! They were visiting So Cal from Seattle, but had lived here in the past. I absolutely LOVE the idea of doing vacation pictures. I told my husband afterwards that we are definitely going to have to do this in the future!

  • Casual. Fun. My favorite! | Rancho Palos Verdes Family Photographer

  • Prior to a session, I always have clients fill out an intake form, answering questions about their personalities and goals for the shoot. When I read Michelle’s answers, I knew right away this would be fun…the type of shoot that is my absolute favorite. Not only did she mention she loves color (no khakis and white shirts here!), she said she wanted the feel of the shots to be casual, interactive and fun. LOVE that. I do understand there is a time and place for a very posed, formal image. Sometimes you want to gift a family shot to grandma and that’s what SHE likes. Nonetheless, this is what most photographers love to do! In fact, when I arrived at the park, they were already playing…mom, dad and Rocco kicking the soccer ball while Zoe sat on the blanket and Dory, the family dog, ran around.

    This was a “Simplicity Session”, meaning the session is all-inclusive. You can find more info by following the “investment” link in the top bar of the blog. I don’t book very many Simplicity Sessions; I think most people feel 10 images just isn’t enough. I wanted to post all 10 images here this time for 2 reasons. First, because it was such a fun session and second, to show future clients what kind of variety we can do with a Simplicity Session and just 10 images!