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  • The holiday season is a busy one for all of us, but especially family photographers! I love the sessions every weekend and even sneaking some in during the week. So many beautiful families all dolled up in beautiful clothes. So many smiles and laughs. I love seeing my images on their photo cards when clients send me a holiday card! But, what I don’t love is that I never seem to find the time to share those images here. I’ve decided to do a few blog posts well after the fact to show those sessions some blog love!

    Here are a few of my favorites from my mini sessions back in October!

    family of five twins laughing pinching baby cheeks what to wear family photos palos verdes california photographer

    3 kids holding JOY letters gold navy blue maroon clothing for family photos redondo beach family kids photographer

    fun family photo two boys piggy backs palos verdes southern california photographer

    mom and dad throwing little girl up in air pretty backlighting southern california family photographer

    mom and dad pretty romantic photo flower bokeh staci zohlen photography

    mom and dad candid piggy back fun photo south bay family photographer staci zohlen

    family photographer redondo beach mini sessions palos verdes malaga cove